Project Summary

Devised Project

I feel that my project succeeded very well; due to my research across the year I was able to utilise my newfound abilities in structuring cues to picture, conveying narrative and knowing when to reveal certain parts of the story (and when to hold back) to massively enhance a visual film whilst simultaneously generating industry standard horror cues. I developed my skills in using string libraries, synthesis and ability to create a complex mix, all meaning that I have improved my overall production skills. The project entailed me creating mock director's briefs for each clip, which i'd then use to create the scores; this gave me experience in using my creative freedom whilst keeping myself in the limits of the brief, which is useful for future business opportunities.

Example of mock brief

The project did deviate a little from my original proposal, where my horror cues would have been their own entity and not designed fo a visual media. I changed this as there wasn't much of a place for that content to be on its own, and I would have lost out on the skills I have learnt from creating the relationship between both the mediums of sound and video. However, the core goals of the project have been the same throughout.

My project exceeded my expectations. I expected to become better at using string libraries and improve my production skills but I underestimated how important understanding narrative is to making cues. The last few months have taught me how to convey specific narratives by simply the choice of instrumentation, the relationship between different instruments, and the way those instruments are played. I also got some experience in the studios, where I miked up, recorded and mixed piano for a track.


One of the hardest parts of the project was knowing when to reveal parts of the story; as I had the brief and had seen the clips before, I knew what was coming in the video. This project has allowed me to develop the skills of either stalling a revelation for as long as possible to maintain tension, or revealing something early intentionally to create a sense of ease and familiarity. The latter technique is especially useful as it gives the audience a false sense of security, before you then break that security and create the emotional change within them.

Overall, this project has given me a large amount of portfolio material ready for the industry, and has allowed me to develop a practical skillset which I can utilise in future projects. I feel confident in applying these tools to create more library music in the future, expanding into other genres.