About Luke Davies.

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Luke is an experienced music producer and composer who can creatively respond to briefs and consistently produce work of a dynamic and professional standard. He is well versed in manipulating string libraries, modifying original recordings and arranging audio to create expressive and emotive cues. He also has a passion for intricate sound design, combining field recordings with synthesis and transformative audio to create unique sounds.

Luke has a First class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology from Bath Spa University, the Read Prize for Music at Cirencester College, and has been composing and producing music for over 10 years.

He likes to stream regularly on Twitch and occasionally uploads YouTube videos. One of his YouTube remixes went viral and received over 3 million views.


- Mick Gordon

- Benjamin Wallfisch

- Marco Beltrami

- Jason Graves

- Hans Zimmer

- Colin Stetson

- Alexandre Desplat

- Ben Folds

- Porter Robinson

- Half Moon Run

- Peace

- Muse​

- Skrillex